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LEE + RO to Upgrade Electrical Gear of Goleta Water District’s Hollister Recycled Water Booster Pump Station

Mar 8, 2022 10:34:00 AM

1a. IMG_3844_tinifiedGoleta Water District’s (GWD) Hollister Booster Pump Station (BPS) is an underground facility that is part of the GWD’s recycled water system. An Arc Flash Study had recommended that the main switchboard/MCC and VFD/PLC be replaced in their entirety.

At that time, GWD was expecting to relocate the entire BPS due to a conflicting City of Goleta Road Improvement Project. However, the City postponed their project and GWD is interested in replacing the electrical gear as recommended in the original Arc Flash report to eliminate as many worker safety hazards as possible.

Because the District anticipates having to eventually relocate the BPS, this task order project provides a preliminary design for the electrical gear replacement and an evaluation for its potential relocation and reuse at the new BPS future location.

Kenneth Creager

Written by Kenneth Creager