Solving problems before they’re problems.

Engineering is a science, requiring creative thinking. Construction is an art, requiring precise execution. We bring both to the build site, for results far greater than the sum of their parts. With our construction managers’ leadership, water engineering expertise and technical support, we’re able to reduce risk, enhance communication, streamline processes and optimize the quality, compliance and sustainability of every facility. It’s one more way we’re helping California build better water infrastructures for a better quality of life.

Our Construction Management expertise includes:

  • Daily Inspection
  • Constructability Review
  • Scheduling and Scheduling Analysis
  • Contract Administration 
  • Processing of Submittals and Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Resident Engineering and Inspection
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Change Order Assistance and Claims Analysis
  • Operations and Maintenance Manual Preparation
  • Start-up & Commissioning and Operator Training
  • As-built Drawing Preparation
CITY OF Brawley

Construction Management and Inspection Services for the Brawley Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

LEE + RO provided design services and construction management and inspection services for this $25 million wastewater treatment plant improvements project. The existing 5.9 mgd capacity Brawley Wastewater Treatment Plant consisted of the headworks, three non-operable primary clarifiers, five facultative lagoon secondaries, UV disinfection system, sludge pumping system and drying beds. New facilities constructed included constructed included three aeration basins and secondary clarifiers, gravity thickening, centrifuge sludge dewatering, solar greenhouses, an operations building, and rehabilitation of the headworks and other support facilities. The construction management included a construction manager, a fulltime resident engineer, two inspectors and part-time office engineering support. LEE + RO also provided post construction commissioning services in sequenced phases in order to maintain compliance at all times with the discharge permits.

Brawley CM
CITY OF Burbank

Construction Management, Construction Inspection and Testing Services for the Beachwood / Sparks Pump Station and Force Main Project

LEE + RO provided construction management, resident engineering, construction inspection and office support services during construction for this $9.5 million project. Responsibilities included submittal review, resolution of field construction issues, and public outreach. The project included approximately 12,000 linear feet of 24-inch HDPE pipe along the Sparks-Chandler alignment, replacement of three dry-pit submersible 150 Hp pumps, construction of a new valve vault, removal and replacement of valves and appurtenances, and recoating the pump station wet well. The project also included the construction of new sewer maintenance manholes, air relief valves, blow-off assemblies, and tie-in to the new 24-inch force main.

Burbank CM
CITies OF Torrance & Carson

Construction Management Services for the Torrance and Dominguez Booster Pump Stations and Carson Mall Lateral, West Basin Municipal Water District

LEE + RO provided construction management and inspection services during construction for the Torrance Booster Pump Station, Dominguez Booster Pump Station, and Carson Mall Recycled Water Lateral projects. These projects were part of the Harbor South Bay Project, a partnership program between West Basin and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, for providing Title 22 recycled water to the South Bay Area irrigation and industrial customers.

The Torrance Booster Pump Station, located within the property of West Torrance High School in the City of Torrance, boosts pressure in the recycled water system off of the Anza Avenue Recycled Water Lateral. There are three main pumps and two jockey pumps that deliver from 50 gpm to 750 gpm flow range in the recycled water distribution system. The pump station equipment is housed in a reinforced masonry structure. Dominguez Booster Pump Station, located in a private lot, includes two main pumps and one jockey pump, a sodium hypochlorite disinfection system and related equipment, all housed in a CMU building. The pump station boosts recycled water pressures for the customers located in the City of Carson. The Carson Mall Lateral project includes about 4,000 lineal feet of 12-inch diameter recycled water lateral from the existing 42-inch diameter recycled water main at Broadway and Main Street in Carson to the proposed Carson Mall development. A portion of the pipeline is hung from a bridge. The construction management and inspection services provided followed rigorous Army Corps of Engineers requirements. The construction management services included specialty inspections and materials testing, community interaction, coordination with the Cities of Torrance and Carson, Southern California Edison, and Torrance Unified School District. Traffic control, noise mitigation, dust suppression and community impacts were of concern for ensuring smooth construction.

CITY OF Los Angeles

North Outfall Sewer Maze Rehabilitation – Phase V, Bureau of Engineering

LEE + RO provided construction management services for the rehabilitation (lining) and removal and replacement of a portion of the North Outfall Sewer (NOS). The $12.5 million project included installation of temporary sewage bypasses, foul air and chemical injection odor control units, sewer cleaning, sewer debris disposal, and the construction of an 8" collector sewer. The project also included replacement of 517 LF of 42" semi-elliptical (SE) pipe with 42" circular pipe (Hobas), 6,719 LF of 60" SE pipe rehab and grouting, 840 LF of 63" sewer rehab and grouting, 120 LF of 75" sewer rehab and grouting, CCTV - pre- & post cleaning for 30,000 LF of existing sewer, post grouting of slipliner and final rehab, 7,676 LF of sewer cleaning, 1,400 tons of debris removal and disposal, two each 42" circular to 60" SE pipe transition structures, sliplining of 18 each access pits, rehab of two junction structures (each junction structure was partially demolished and rebuilt, approx. $480k each), 2,368 LF of 8" VCP collector sewer, and reconnecting 76 existing house connections. LEE + RO CM support included change order negotiations, change order cost estimates, traffic control, paving, and public relations/notifications.
CM NorthOutfallSewer