More of what we’re made of.

Each of us is at least 60% water, and there are more of us every day. Yet our water supplies have not increased. Nowhere is this more apparent than in drought-plagued California, where half the nation’s fruits and vegetables are grown. But out of the deepest need, the most innovative ideas emerge. From potable and non-potable reuse to aquifer recharge, we’re working to help communities turn scarcity into sustainable, standard-raising solutions, for a more resilient, renewable supply of the stuff that makes us human.

Our Recycled Water expertise includes:

  • Ultrapure Recycled Water Treatment
  • Title 22 Recycled Water Treatment
  • Chemical Treatment
  • UV and Chemical Disinfection
  • Groundwater Reinjection
  • Storage Reservoirs
  • Pump Stations
  • Transmission and Distribution Mains
  • Medium and Low Voltage Power Distribution
  • Instrumentation & Control System Design
CITY OF Spring Valley

30-Inch Diameter, 6-Mile Long, Recycled Water Transmission Main, Otay Water District

LEE + RO was responsible for the alignment study, surveying, geotechnical evaluation, environmental and permitting services, right-of-way acquisition, preliminary design, final design and construction support services for a $17 million, 6-mile long, 30-inch diameter recycled water pipeline connecting the City of San Diego’s South Bay Water Reclamation Plant to the District’s 450-1 Recycled Water Reservoir. The construction employed a wide variety of techniques including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to cross Interstate 805, Otay River, and State Route 905.  This project was awarded “Water Reuse Project of the Year,” “ASCE Outstanding Project of the Year” and “CMAA Project Achievement Award.”

CITY OF Irvine

San Joaquin Reservoir Flow Control Facility, Irvine Ranch Water District

LEE + RO provided planning, design and construction support services for a $3 million, flow control and pumping facilities project.  This project consisted of an 8,250 gpm pumping station (with three 75 hp, 4,125-gpm, VFD-driven pumps), a flow control facility, hypochlorite disinfection facility, and sub-surface water collection and pumping facility at the base of the reservoir dam.  The District purchased the reservoir from the Metropolitan Water District and converted it into a reclaimed water storage reservoir, integrating it into their Zone B recycled water system.

Irvine Recycled
CITY OF Walnut

Parker Canyon Recycled Water Reservoir and Bourdet Pumping Station Improvements, Walnut Valley Water District

LEE + RO provided engineering, design, and construction support services for a $4.5 million project consisting of a new 1.3 MG capacity recycled water reservoir, the addition of a new 750 gpm capacity vertical turbine pump as well as adding two stages to each of the two existing vertical turbine pumps at the Bourdet Booster Pump Station. A cast-in-place, two-celled concrete reservoir was ultimately designed after  circular Type I + III pre-stressed concrete,  rectangular concrete, and steel reservoirs were analyzed.  Other improvements consisted of extensive grading, retaining walls, access roads and landscaping, electrical, controls and SCADA system improvements. 

Walnut Recycled
CITY OF Irvine

Turtle Rock Zone B+ Recycled Water and Zone 6A Potable Water Pump Stations Upgrading, Irvine Ranch Water District

LEE + RO provided the analysis, design, and construction management services for $2.5 million in upgrades to the Zone B+ Recycled Water and Zone 6A Potable Water Pump Stations. The Zone B+ Recycled Water Pump Station improvements included new VFDs and flow/pressure regulators. The Zone B+ Recycled Water station has 7 vertical turbine pumps discharging into two different headers, which ultimately combine into one main header. The first header receives flow from 3 constant-speed pumps, each rated at 1,330 gpm at 320 feet of TDH. The second header receives flow from 4 pumps, all rated at 320 feet TDH and driven through VFDs: two 100 hp/1,000 gpm pumps; one 75 hp/500 gpm pump; and one 50 hp/250 gpm pump. The pump lineup was not properly installed and the system was not operating reliably. LEE + RO performed hydraulic and surge analysis and optimized the system by converting an existing pressure reducing station from back-up Zone B to a primary Zone D operation. Zone 6A Potable Water Pump Station capacity was increased to 2,500 gpm and new VFDs and SCADA were added.
RW Irvine New