The source of life, delivered.

Most Californians don’t think twice about where they’re going to get their next drink of water, their next shower, their next flush. We aim to keep it that way. So we think about it relentlessly, because there’s no reason any of our communities should ever be without safe, clean water on demand. Even in the face of intensifying reliance on aging, overburdened systems, we continue to find smarter, more sustainable ways to keep that water flowing to the people who depend on it … because everything depends on it.

Our Water Conveyance expertise includes:

  • Booster Pump Stations
  • Transmission and Distribution Mains
  • Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Steel and Concrete Reservoirs
  • Disinfection and Mixing
  • Well Design and Equipping
  • Emergency Standby Generators
  • Medium and Low Voltage Power Distribution
  • Instrumentation & Control System Design
CITY OF Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda Blvd. Booster Pump Station, Yorba Linda Water District

LEE + RO prepared a preliminary design report, final design documents, and provided bidding and engineering services during construction for a new 4,300 gpm capacity potable water booster pump station along with a 5,000 LF long, 24-inch diameter water transmission main. The tasks included pump station siting, a surge analysis, and hydraulic modeling of the new pump station and transmission main. The pump station is equipped with two 2,700 gpm/150 hp pumps and one 1,250 gpm/60 hp pump. Double polyethylene encasement with a cathodic protection system was provided for the main. The main is located in a major thoroughfare and required extensive permit coordination with utility agencies to clear buried utilities including the 120-inch diameter Metropolitan Water District Feeder. The total construction cost was $3.9 million.

CITY OF Irvine

Hidden Canyon Planning Area 1 Zone 3 to 4 Domestic Water and Zone B to C Recycled Water Booster Pump Station, Irvine Ranch Water District

LEE + RO provided a preliminary design report, final engineering design documents and construction phase engineering services for this $4.1 million combined domestic water and recycled water pumping facility for a new 255-acre residential development.  The domestic water pump station consists of four 15 HP and two 100 HP VFD driven pumps including standby with a capacity of 2,170 gpm. The recycled water pump station consists of four 15 HP VFD driven pumps with a capacity of 475 gpm. Project elements included connections and tie-ins to existing facilities, utility research + permitting, surge analysis, site, structural, mechanical, HVAC, architectural, and electrical and instrumentation designs.

CITY OF Walnut

Arbor Ridge Potable Water Reservoir and Pump Station Improvements, Walnut Valley Water District

LEE + RO provided engineering, design and construction support services for a $3 million project consisting of the addition of a new potable water reservoir and upgrades and improvements to the existing pump station. The station had a capacity of 1,825 gpm with a single 575 gpm 25 hp vertical turbine pump used to maintain water levels in the hydro-pneumatic tank and a 1,250 gpm 60 hp pump that served as a fire pump. Design investigations included a hydraulic network analysis and surge modeling.  The project increased the station capacity to 3,500 gpm and included upgraded electrical and control systems. The project included a new 1 MG capacity welded steel tank with an aluminum dome roof, mixing system and cathodic protection. The work also included acoustic sound barrier walls, site grading + paving, security fencing, landscaping and an irrigation system that included a green screen to shield the reservoir from the residential neighbors.

CITY OF Spring Valley

36-inch Diameter, 4-mile Long, Jamacha Road Potable Water Transmission Main, Otay Water District

LEE + RO provided engineering, design, and construction phase engineering services for a $16 million, 21,000 LF long, 36-inch diameter CML+C potable water transmission main from San Diego County Water Authority’s No. 14 Flow Control Facility in El Cajon to the 640-1 and 640-2 Water Reservoirs located in the District’s regulatory site at Campo Road, Spring Valley. The project also replaced 3,500 LF of 12-inch diameter steel pipe with PVC pipe. To determine the most feasible alignment, LEE + RO employed the “Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), also called the Pairwise Comparison Method (PCM). The AHP reduces complex criteria to a series of one-on-one criteria comparisons.  Significant project challenges included obtaining the permit from Caltrans for the encroachment along the main artery - Jamacha Road (SR54/S17). This project was awarded the “APWA Project of the Year,” “ASCE Engineering Excellence” and “CMAA Project Achievement Award.”
WC Spring Valley Dia Jamacha Road