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Long Beach Water Department Awards LEE + RO a Construction Management and Inspection Contract

Jan 10, 2023 10:49:00 AM

1. _8066 copyRehabilitation of 4 Potable Water Tank Roofs at the J. Will Johnson Reservoir in the City of Compton

The Long Beach Water Department’s (LBWD) J. Will Johnson Reservoir, located in the City of Compton, has 12 potable water tanks. Each 3.3-million-gallon capacity tank is 132-feet in diameter with a shell height of 35-feet. The site is surrounded by industrial developments, trailer park housing, and neighboring properties.

LBWD has contracted LEE + RO to provide construction management and inspection services for the rehabilitation of four of the potable water tank roofs. These 4 tanks, constructed in 1948, have a welded steel shell and bottom, along with a wood roof. The project includes installation of new hatches, guardrails recoating, removal and re-installation of cathodic protection system, installation of new walkways, removal and installation of new vent screening, removal of the existing roof system and installation of new fiberglass or PVC roofing system, new fall restraint systems, installation of new liquid level indicators, and rehabilitation of existing reservoir appurtenances as necessary.

LEE + RO will provide supervision, inspection, and quality assurance services for the project under the guidance of a single Construction Manager. The Construction Manager is supported by a pool of specialty inspectors to handle peak inspection and specialty inspection needs for the project.

Project Approach
LEE + RO will

  • Work with LBWD’s staff to implement relevant policies and procedures, observing and monitoring the work in progress and the quality of constructed work while monitoring and evaluating against the approved project plans, schedule, and budget
  • Work with the Contractor to promote construction quality and safety
  • Provide maximum attention to anticipate the needs and requirements of the local jurisdictions
  • Visually inspect delivered materials to verify conformance to contract requirements
  • Maintain daily and weekly inspection logs including photos and videos, meeting notes, and chain of custody of all important documents
  • Interpret contract documents through Contractor’s RFIs/RFCs
  • Review Contractor’s shop drawing submittals for conformance with the contract documents
  • Review Contractor’s progress pay requests
  • Negotiate, prepare and process change orders, as needed
  • Prepare record drawings
  • Coordinate and assist in verification of intermediate and final acceptance
Robert Mercado

Written by Robert Mercado