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LEE + RO to Provide Engineering Design Services for the City of Brawley to Replace Two Raw Water Storage Reservoir Liners

Oct 19, 2021 1:55:00 PM

NEWS PhotoThe City of Brawley (City) owns and operates a 15 MGD capacity water treatment plant and distribution system that includes two raw water storage reservoirs and two spent backwash water storage reservoirs. The reservoirs are concrete with polypropylene liners.

In 2010, LEE + RO performed a condition assessment that included an evaluation of the reservoirs’ existing polypropylene liner material and to determine the areas of needed repairs and repair and/or replacement methods. The study concluded that the liner material on the reservoirs’ sloped sidewalls was deteriorating, most noticeably above the water surface level where the liner is exposed to direct sunlight, and that the reservoirs were leaking. The study recommended replacement of the liners for all four storage reservoirs. LEE + RO designed liner replacements for the two spent backwash water storage reservoirs in 2015.

The City has now contracted with LEE + RO to provide the engineering design services for the replacement of the liners in the two raw water storage reservoirs. Services include final design, bid phase support services, engineering services during construction and construction inspection services, which include inspection of subgrade and surface preparation, inspection of the liner installation, extrusion welding and hot-air welding procedures, seam integrity, cleaning, and field testing.

Jay Jung

Written by Jay Jung