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LEE + RO wins City of Anaheim contract to design the replacement of potable water mainline that crosses Interstate 5.

Jun 15, 2021 12:11:00 PM

east orangewood2Speed is essential to meet Caltrans' permitting requirements

The City of Anaheim’s (City) Department of Public Utilities has contracted LEE + RO to design the replacement of their existing 16-inch diameter potable water mainline with a new 24-inch diameter potable water mainline. The project straddles the boundary between the City of Anaheim and the City of Orange and runs along Orangewood Avenue, crossing the I-5 Freeway.

To meet the critical path permitting schedules with the Cities of Anaheim and Orange, and Caltrans District 12, LEE + RO’s project approach will be to leverage the available topo maps and utility maps to expedite preliminary design. LEE + RO will perform an alternative alignment analysis and present recommendations to the City. The preliminary design will be advanced through the 100% final design with final approvals from the various cities, departments and permitting agencies.

The proposed 1,000 LF 24-inch diameter waterline will connect to an existing 16-inch diameter butterfly valve at Manchester Avenue and to an existing 12-inch diameter gate valve at Anaheim Way.

To ensure minimal traffic congestion, inconvenience and maintain control, detailed traffic control plans will be prepared for the different phases of work, keeping at least one lane always open in all directions. Underground utilities will be located using GPR scanning and utility potholing.

90% plans will be submitted to all permitting agencies and departments to kickstart the permitting process. The 100% plans will incorporate all comments from the City, permitting agencies and departments for final approval and signatures.

Murthy Kadiyala

Written by Murthy Kadiyala