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Our Vision.

A world where California's need for clean water is met safely, effectively and sustainably.

Our Mission.

To innovate the design and construction of sustainable water infrastructure to tackle California's toughest challenges and protect its future.

It’s amazing how six words can...

unite us, guide us and inspire us to think more boldly, to wonder more wildly, to do the never-been-done. You might call it our vision for the future. But from where we stand, it’s reality in the making: a reality we’re making together, today.

What Matters:

We’re people first and engineers second, so our priorities are ordered accordingly.

Of course we’re proud of the work we do, but more important, we’re proud of the way we do it and the people we’ve become—people who value:

Relationships. Ours are defined by trust, respect and care. We do the right thing, we constantly strive for better, we always come through, and if we screw up, we own it and make it right—because our bottom line is not the bottom line. People are.

Responsibility. It’s not just a sense of duty and commitment. It’s all the things that back it up: taking initiative, taking ownership, being responsive, giving everything we’ve got, and never turning our backs on a client, a project or each other.

Integrity. Everybody says it. In our case, other people say it for us: things like, “honest,” “forthright,” “transparent,” “they always make things right.” It seems, when your culture is rooted in integrity, you naturally attract people who appreciate it … and embody it.

Possibility. People talk about what’s possible as if it’s a line you can’t cross. Not true. When your commitment to finding a better way is stronger than your fear of stepping up and out on that limb, there’s nowhere you can’t go, and nowhere you won’t.