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In it for the infinite game.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

— Peter Drucker

We are not simply committed to sustainability: we’re rooted in it. From engineering lasting value, efficiency and performance into every project, to designing new ways to conserve, protect and restore our resources (both natural and manmade), we’ve always taken the long view. And as California heads into the future through a gauntlet of increasing wildfires, extreme rain-drought cycles, rising sea levels, falling budgets and explosive population growth, we’re delivering solutions that:

  • Protect local watersheds, marine life, groundwater/aquifers and human health through wastewater treatment and by reducing or eliminating sewage spills

  • Reduce energy demand and carbon footprint through the design of alternative energy/cogeneration systems

  • Promote beneficial reuse of treated wastewater solids to generate compost and/or topsoil products

  • Supplement potable water supply and reduce water demand in drought-prone California through recycled water projects such as ultrapure recycled water for groundwater recharge

  • Prevent erosion and surface water pollution from first flush contaminants through stormwater facilities design

  • Reduce air pollution through ultra-low emissions digester gas combustion systems design

  • Provide energy-efficient replacement of aging plant electrical equipment and distribution systems, proactively identifying ways to reduce energy demand while providing redundancy to ensure process continuity

  • Promote beneficial reuse of treated ww solids to not only reduce the volume of wastewater solids sent to landfill, but also generate compost and topsoil products

  • Reduce air pollution through design of ultra-low emissions, regulation compliant combustion equipment while protecting onsite processes and operator safety