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Southside Plant Improvements and Electrical System Upgrades

J. B.  Latham Wastewater Treatment Plant (JBLWTP)

South Orange County Wastewater Authority


LEE & RO provided field condition assessments, replacement/ refurbishment concept development, preliminary engineering and final design services for eight (8) large hydraulic radial gates along the CRA. The gates have been in operation since the CRA was commissioned in 1941.  The inspections revealed various stages of deterioration, corrosion, seal failures, and water leakages.  The size of the gate openings   vary from 11 feet x 14 feet to 22 feet x 12 feet and individual gate size is as big as 12.5 feet x 11 feet.  Five out of eight gates are double-leaf type.  This $8 million project was designed to enhance the CRA’s water supply reliability.  The design included extensive structural rehabilitation to accommodate the new gates into the existing structures and replacement of motor operators and electrical and control systems including SCADA systems.