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Mills Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation and Upgrading Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

LEE & RO provided condition assessment, engineering and design services for a $45 million rehabilitation and upgrading project. The project consisted of (1) Chemical Systems Improvements covering sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda, alum, ferric chloride, Poly-DADMAC, sodium hypochlorite, aqueous ammonia, chlorine, and dry polymer; (2) Treatment Module 1 & 2 Rehabilitation  involving replacement of flocculators and clarifier traveling bridge sludge collector drive mechanisms and other mechanical equipment, structural repairs, modifications of piping and valves, and upgrading of electrical and controls systems; and (3) Single Point Chemical Injection System which is to enhance coagulation and be installed on the 144-inch diameter ozone contactor effluent pipe prior to the flow-splitting to Clarifier Modules 1 through 4.  The 51.5 mgd capacity Module 1 and 54.5 mgd Module 2 were removed from service in 1997 and these projects will restore the Mills Plant to its full 326 mgd capacity.