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Headworks and Grit System Improvements

Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant (PLWTP)

City of San Diego

San Diego, CA


LEE & RO provided studies, engineering, design and construction phase services for a $22 million major upgrading at the 240 mgd PLWTP.  LEE & RO constructed two physical models (for the headworks and aerated grit removal tanks) and conducted tests to find ways to optimize the flow distribution to grit tanks and determine efficient grit tank cross-sectional configuration.  The project includes modifications to flow distribution channels, reconfiguration of the south aerated grit tank, addition of a new two-story grit dewatering building, and modifications to the odor control system.  The new grit dewatering building is 40 feet wide, 140 feet long and 49 feet high and houses 7 SlurryCup grit separators/grit washers, 7 grit storage bins, an electrical room, foul air fans, and a grit trucking facility.  A temporary grit building was constructed to facilitate construction. Extremely congested site with heavy water bearing concrete channels required extensive constructability analysis.