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Engineering and Project Management Support Services for

Groundwater Well Field and Plant Expansion

City of San Diego

San Diego, CA

LEE & RO is providing engineering and project management oversight during the design and construction phases to preserve the City of San Diego’s interest in this $28 million project, which consists of five new groundwater wells, pipelines, and expansion of the RO system at the Reynolds Groundwater Desalination Facility.  The five new wells will pump raw brackish water from the underground San Diego Formation Aquifer 800 feet below grade.  The raw water is then pumped via 8-inch and 12-inch piping several miles away to the desalination facility where it is treated through reverse osmosis. The new wells and expansion of the facility will increase the potable water production from 5 mgd to 10 mgd.  This is a Sweetwater Authority project, but the City of San Diego is responsible for 25 percent of the construction cost since the aquifer water is a shared resource between the two parties.