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Pump Stations,Wells & Reservoirs


Planning Area 18 Zone 3 to 4 Domestic Water &

Zone B to C Recycled Water Booster Pump Station

Irvine Ranch Water District

Irvine, CA

LEE & RO provided preliminary design report, engineering design and construction phase engineering services for this $4.1 million combined domestic water (DW) and recycled water (RW) pumping facility for a new 255-acre residential development.  The DW pump station consists of four 15 HP and two 100 HP VFD driven pumps including standby with a capacity of 2,170 gpm. The RW pump station consists of four 15 HP VFD driven pumps with a capacity of 475 gpm.  Project tasks included connections and tie-ins to existing facilities, utility research & permitting, surge analysis, site, structural, mechanical, HVAC, architectural, and electrical and instrumentation designs.

Yorba Linda Blvd. Booster Pump Station

Yorba Linda Water District

Yorba Linda, CA


LEE & RO prepared a preliminary design report, final design, bidding and engineering services during construction for a new 5,000 LF long, 24-inch dia. water transmission main and a new 4,300 gpm capacity booster pump station.  The tasks included siting of the pump station, surge analysis, and hydraulic modeling of the new station and transmission main.  The pump station is equipped with two 2,700 gpm/150 hp pumps and one 1,250 gpm/60 hp pump.  Double polyethylene encasement with a cathodic protection system was provided for the main.  The main is located in a major thoroughfare and required extensive permit coordination with utility agencies to clear buried utilities including the 120-inch diameter Metropolitan Water District Feeder.  The total construction cost was $3.9 million.


Hyperion Secondary Effluent Pump Station 

West Basin Municipal Water District 

Carson, CA

HSEPS conveys secondary effluent from the City of Los Angeles Hyperion Treatment Plant (HTP) to WBMWD’s Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility (ECLWRF).  HSEPS is currently equipped with four vertical turbine pumps: two 21 mgd pumps with an 800 HP motor driven through VFD and two 15 mgd pumps with 500 HP constant speed motors.  The firm station capacity is 51 mgd with one 21 mgd pump out of service.  This project is to provide a firm capacity of 83 mgd with addition of three new 800 HP pumps with VFDs (3rd pump in the future).  This $14.7 million project includes a 3,000 kW emergency generator with 4.16 kV switchgear, motor control centers, and distribution system.  Extensive electrical and control system rework is included to tie to the existing pump station and LADWP power feeds.  The project also includes wet tapping of 60-inch suction pipe to the pressurized HTP’s Secondary Effluent Channel and connection of new 48-inch pump discharge header to the existing 60-inch pressure main in Vista Del Mar, a busy highway.  The design dealt with deep vertical structures in a tight site and mitigation of construction impact on the operation of HTP and ECLWRF.


Zone 6A Potable Water (PW) and Turtle Rock Zone B+ Recycled Water (RW) Pump Stations Upgrading

Irvine Ranch Water District

Irvine, CA

LEE & RO provided the analysis, design, and construction management services for $2.5 million upgrades to the 1,400 gpm Zone 6A PW and Zone B+ RW pump stations.  Zone 6A PW station capacity was increased to 2,500 gpm and new VFDs and SCADA were added.  The Zone B+ RW pump station included new VFDs and flow/pressure regulators.  Zone B+ RW station has 7 turbine pumps discharging two headers, which ultimately combine into one main header.  The first header receives flow from 3 constant-speed pumps, each rated at 1,330 gpm at 320 feet of TDH.  The second header consists of 4 pumps, all rated at 320 feet TDH and driven through VFDs: two 100 hp/1,000 gpm pumps; one 75 hp/500 gpm pump; and one 50 hp/250 gpm pump.  The pump lineup was not proper and the system was not operating reliably.  LEE & RO performed hydraulic and surge analysis and optimized the system by converting an existing pressure reducing station from a back-up Zone B to a primary Zone D.


Edwards Hill Potable Water Booster Pump Station

City of Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA

Edwards Hill Potable Water Booster Pump Station, constructed in 2002, has four 1,500 gpm and three 1,250 gpm capacity pumps, each driven by an electric motor-natural gas engine through Johnson right-angle gear.  The station had suffered from vibration, noise, excessive heat, hydraulics, capacity and flow control issues, along with numerous electrical deficiencies.  LEE & RO performed a comprehensive assessment of the pump station and developed a corrective action plan, equipment pre-purchase documents, and provided engineering design documents. 


High and Low Pressure Recycled Water Pump Stations

Coachella Valley Water District

Palm Desert, CA

LEE & RO prepared a preliminary design report, final design, and provided construction management/ resident engineering services for two recycled water pumping stations (one high-head and one low-head) as a part of this $11 million Title 22 Water Recycling Plant project.  The high head pumping station consisted of five (5) 3,000 gpm capacity pumps (TDH of 400 feet), each driven by 400 hp motor through variable frequency drives.  The low-head pumping station included four (4) 3,750 gpm capacity pumps (TDH 230 feet), each driven by 300 hp motor through variable frequency drives.  The project included a new electrical substation with 12 kV power distribution loops and two new motor control centers; PLC controls; and one 5 million gallon capacity reservoir.

Arbor Ridge Reservoir and Pump Station Improvements

Walnut Valley Water District

Walnut, CA


LEE & RO provided engineering, design and construction support services for a $3 million project consisting of addition of a new reservoir and pump station upgrading.  The station had a capacity of 1,825 gpm, with a single 25 hp, 575 gpm vertical turbine pump used to maintain water levels in the hydro-pneumatic tank and a 60 hp, 1,250 gpm pump that served as fire pump.  Investigations included hydraulic network analysis and surge modeling.  The project increased the station capacity to 3,500 gpm with upgraded electrical and control systems.  The project included a new 1 MG welded steel tank with an aluminum dome roof, mixing system and cathodic protection.  The work also included acoustic sound barrier walls, grading & paving, security fencing, landscaping and an irrigation system which included a green screen to shield the reservoir from neighbors. 

Parker Canyon Recycled Water Reservoir & 

Bourdet Pumping Station Improvements

Walnut Valley Water District

Walnut, CA


LEE & RO provided engineering, design, and construction support services for a $4.5 million project consisting of a new 1.3 MG recycled water reservoir, addition of a new 750 gpm capacity vertical turbine pump and addition of two stages to the two existing turbine pumps at the Bourdet Booster Pump Station.  Cast-in-place, two-celled concrete was designed after  circular Type I & III pre-stressed concrete,  rectangular concrete and steel reservoirs were analyzed.  Other improvements consisted of extensive grading, retaining walls, access roads and landscaping, electrical, controls and SCADA system improvements.

Domestic Water Well No. 1 Rehabilitation Project

City of Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA


Well No. 1 is the oldest well and is not operational. When the well was in operation, it produced 600 gpm with a 75 HP motor and at a TDH of 320 feet.  This $2.5 million project will replace the existing well with a new 600 feet deep well capable of producing up to 1,500 gpm.  LEE & RO’s scope of work includes regulatory agency approval, hydrogeological analysis, geotechnical investigation, surveying, and design of the new well & wellhead facility, as well as architectural, structural, electrical, controls/SCADA, and security system design.  The new facility will be enclosed in a building that blends with the neighboring homes.  The project includes a new chlorine containment structure for a 1-ton container and 150 pound cylinders and a fluoride room.  The new well pump will be driven by a dual drive - natural gas engine and electrical motor/variable frequency drive.


Water Storage Reservoirs, Waterworks District 40

Antelope Valley, Department of Public Works,

Los Angeles County, Alhambra

LEE & RO provided engineering, design, and construction phase services for a $16 million water storage reservoir project consisting of six 3-million gallon capacity reservoirs.  The scope of work included inspection and condition assessment, preliminary and final design, cost estimating and construction support.  LEE & RO also prepared the Reservoir Operations Plan for operational integration of all 10 reservoirs, including four existing reservoirs and four new production/injection wells.  The plan also covered chloramine disinfection, reservoir mixing /filling/ drawdown/ balancing operations, electrical, instrumentation and controls, pressure regulation, SCADA, and site security.  The project construction is being implemented in two phases: Phase I consists of four reservoirs, and Phase II consists of two reservoirs.


Earl Schmidt Intake Pump Station Settlement Investigation and Corrective Action

Castaic Lake Water Agency

Santa Clarita, CA

The pump station was expanded including the addition of two new pumps in 2006.  In less than a year of operation, a leak was discovered on the 54-inch pump discharge manifold.  Additionally, due to excessive vibration, the pump bearings kept failing.  The Agency removed the pumps from service.  LEE & RO investigations revealed that defective construction created differential settlement which, in turn, resulted in the pumps and discharge headers being badly misaligned.  This $1.2 million corrective action included reconstruction of the buried pump header and reinstallation of individual pump discharges to the header with flexible couplings. 


San Joaquin Reservoir Flow Control Facility

Irvine Ranch Water District

Irvine, CA

LEE & RO provided planning, design and construction support services for a $3 million, flow control and pumping facilities project.  This project consisted of an 8,250 gpm pumping station (with three 75 hp, 4,125-gpm, VFD-driven pumps), a flow control facility, hypochlorite disinfection facility, and sub-surface water collection and pumping facility at the base of the reservoir dam.  The District purchased the reservoir from the Metropolitan Water District and converted it into a reclaimed water storage reservoir, integrating it into their Zone B recycled water system.  

Chapman Water Well No. 7

City of Arcadia 

Arcadia, CA


LEE & RO provided project management services for the Chapman Well No. 7 project funded by a USEPA grant.  Services included preparing RFPs, reviewing proposals, conducting interviews, and overseeing agreements, invoices, and progress of design and construction management consultants.  Work also involved technical reviews of design and constructability issues.  Regular project updates were provided to City through advisory committee meetings and progress reports. New Chapman Well No. 7 provides 2,000 gpm of potable water with a 150 hp pumping system.  This well replaced existing Chapman Well No. 6, which had shown reduced capacity through its years of service.  This $1.6 million project included an on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system for disinfection.


Saugus Water Wells
Castaic Lake Water Agency

Santa Clarita, CA

CLWA decided to locate four production wells within six previously selected sites along with pumps, pipelines and disinfection facilities to connect the groundwater wells to the Agency’s existing treated water pipeline.  This project is to replace two existing perchlorate impacted wells that are currently out of service and construct two new production wells (2,100 gpm/well or total 8,400 gpm) to handle dry period demands.  There are six potential well sites being studied by hydrogeologist. The wellhead facilities include chloramine disinfection system with the chlorine and ammonia storage and feeding equipment and pump station and pipelines.  Wellheads, disinfection systems, and other appurtenances will be housed in structures.  LEE & RO is evaluating the technical, institutional and legal issues that need to be considered for a preliminary design of the well equipping, pumps, disinfection system, and conveyance infrastructure; secure regulatory permits; review SCE power supply arrangement; storm drain and sanitary sewer needs; ROW and easements; and determine the construction as well as life-cycle cost of the proposed project.  The total estimated construction cost is estimated at $7 million.


Hamilton Water Well Mechanical & Electrical Rebuild
City of Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, CA

LEE & RO provided condition assessment including well & pump casing inspection, engineering and construction support services for retrofits to wells, wellhead pumps and electrical system. This project replaced well pumps and upgraded electrical equipment. Structural work included evaluating the existing building for capacity to add a hoist for equipment maintenance. Electrical work included adding variable frequency drives, replacing site lighting, and connecting a new standby generator including its integral fueling system.  Also obtained permits for hazardous materials handling.


San Vicente Booster Pump Station (SVBPS) Upgrades
City of Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA

The SVBPS is an underground pump station located below 25th Street in an affluent neighborhood and services the 5 million gallon capacity concrete reservoir under the median along the San Vicente Boulevard.  The 7,500 gpm pump station is equipped with 6 pumps (four 150 hp and two 40 hp sizes).  Pump 6, was equipped with a dual-drive (connected to a 150 HP engine drive and a 150 HP motor drive) which serves as the emergency pump.  This $1.8 million project provided a new 750 kW emergency generator and replaced a pump.  Due to the restricted opening to the underground pump station, disassembled parts of the generator, pump, electrical parts, and fuel tanks were brought into the pump station and reassembled.  LEE & RO obtained generator permit from the South Coast AQMD and provided public relation during construction by mitigating noise and emissions from pump station and the new larger generator.