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Newhope-Placentia Trunk Sewer Replacement Project

Orange County Sanitation District

Fountain Valley, CA


LEE & RO is providing project management, planning, engineering, and design services for an $80 million trunk sewer replacement, which is one of the OCSD’s largest collection system capital improvement projects.  Engineering services include surveying, hydraulic modeling, geotechnical and underground utilities engineering, permitting, acquisition of easements and ROW, and conducting public outreach programs.  The project includes new wastewater trunk sewers through the cities of Fullerton and Anaheim to upsize and replace the existing 55 year old sewer.  The new replacement sewer is 38,300 feet, long, located along State College Blvd., varying from 36inches to 54inches in diameter.  The new sewer will be capable of handling 2040 peak wet weather flows, allow for the abandonment of the Yorba Linda Pump Station, and add flexibility flow diversion by allowing OCSD to divert flows from Treatment Plant No. 2 to Plant No. 1 for additional water recycling.  The project will employ trenchless construction to cross railroads, the 91Freeway, Craig Regional Park, and several major east-west thoroughfares.   The project involves many stakeholders including the cities of Fullerton and Anaheim, Caltrans, Cal State Fullerton, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Anaheim Stadium.  LEE & RO employs twelve sub-consultants for various planning and investigative tasks.

Beachwood Force Main Project

City of Burbank

Burbank, CA


The City of Burbank Beachwood Pump Station pumps sewage to the Burbank Water Reclamation Plant via the 18 inch dia. and 12,000 feet long Beachwood Force Main.  This severely corroded 18-inch cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe constructed in 1972 has ruptured three times and spilled sewage.   LEE & RO was retained by the City to analyze pipe capacity, alignments and construct a replacement sewer with minimum community disruptions during construction.  Ten alignments were evaluated for the replacement.  Evaluations included constructability, pavement condition, community impacts/control, sewer bypassing & diversion, land/easement/ permitting requirements, construction cost & time.  The new 24-inch dia. HDPE replacement sewer was designed and constructed.  This $9.5 million construction project included four trenchless segments utilizing bore and jack, pilot tube guided boring & pipe ramming to cross the Union Pacific Railroad and three major street intersections. 


Wastewater Conveyance System Engineering Services

Bureau of Engineering

City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Since 2006, LEE & RO completed over 30 wastewater conveyance system engineering, design and consulting assignments.  Representative assignments include: (1) Detailed Constructability Review of the $25 million North Outfall Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation Project involving a 69 to 126inch dia. sewer, siphons, and temporary bypass pipelines; (2) Preliminary Design Report for the $21 million 4th Avenue/Slauson Avenue Sewer CIPP Project involving 6,400 LF of 75-inch dia. sewer; (3) Class A Construction Cost Estimate for the $47 million Avenue 45/Arroyo Drive Relief Sewer Project that included micro-tunneling; (4) Structural Liner Thickness Benchmarking Study to develop City-wide CIPP Liner Thickness Standards; (5) Flow Bypassing Plan for the Venice Pumping Plant Sluice Gate Replacement; (6) Value Engineering for the $80 million, 72-inch dia. Vermont Relief Sewer (Tunneling); (7) Constructability Review of the $40 million Venice Dual Force Main (54-inch dia. and 11,000 LF) double-barrel crossing Ballona Creek; and (8) Benchmarking Review of Slip-lining and Odor Control Specifications for Sewer Construction Projects.

24-Inch Yorba Linda Blvd. Transmission Main & Booster Pump Station
Yorba Linda Water District

Yorba Linda, CA


LEE & RO provided engineering, design and construction phase engineering services for a new 4,300 gpm potable water pump station and 4,700 LF of 24-inch water transmission pipeline.  The tasks for this $3.9 million project included surge analysis and hydraulic modeling of the new transmission main.  The pump station is equipped with two 2,700 gpm/150 hp pumps and one 1,250 gpm/60 hp pump.  The ductile iron main was encased with double polyethylene with cathodic protection. The 24-inch transmission main is located under a very busy Yorba Linda Blvd. and required extensive coordination with utility agencies to clear numerous buried utilities including a 120-inch dia. MWD Feeder, AT&T ducts consisting of forty-five 4 inch dia. conduits, two 12-inch water mains, SCE power cables, and a SCG gas pipeline.  Traffic control plans were prepared to minimize traffic impacts during the pipeline construction on Yorba Linda Blvd.


Buena Outfall Force Main, Phase III

Buena Sanitation District

City of Vista

Vista, CA

LEE & RO provided hydraulic modeling, preliminary engineering, final design and construction support services for an $8 million sewage conveyance project consisting of 4.5 miles long, 24-inch HDPE gravity sewer and 24-inch HDPE force main conveying wastewater to the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility in the City of Carlsbad.  Velocities in this section of the project approach 16 ft/sec during projected wet weather flows.  The project also includes two vortex drop manholes and active and passive odor control scrubbers (bioreactors).  The construction will involve night-work due to the high traffic volumes on Palomar Airport Road.  The Project includes one jack and bore trenchless segment under El Camino Real. Extensive hydraulic modeling was performed in determining optimal sewer and force main arrangements. The  pipeline hydraulically transitions from a pressure force main to a gravity sewer two times within the 4.5 mile alignment


36-inch, 4-mile Long, Jamacha Road

Potable Water Transmission Main

Otay Water District

Spring Valley, CA

LEE & RO provided engineering, design, and construction phase engineering services for a $16 million, 21,000 LF long, 36-inch dia. CML&C potable water transmission main from San Diego County Water Authority’s No. 14 Flow Control Facility in El Cajon to the 640-1 and 640-2 Water Reservoirs located in the District’s regulatory site in Campo Road, Spring Valley.  The project also replaced 3,500 LF of 12-inch dia. steel pipe with PVC pipe. To determine the most feasible alignment, LEE & RO employed the “Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) also called the Pairwise Comparison Method (PCM).  The AHP reduces complex criteria to a series of one-on-one criteria comparisons.  Significant project challenges included obtaining the permit from Caltrans for the encroachment along the main artery - Jamacha Road (SR54/S17).  This project was awarded “APWA Project of the Year,” “ASCE Engineering Excellence” and “CMAA Project Achievement Award.”

Rehabilitation (Slip-Lining) of Bitter Point Force Main

Orange County Sanitation District

Fountain Valley, CA


LEE & RO designed and provided construction phase engineering services for this $2.5 million project to rehabilitate 5,000 LF of 36-inch diameter polyethylene-coated Class 50 ductile iron force main, including installation of five pressure entry manholes and abandonment of 2,000 LF of 24-inch force main. Rehabilitation alternatives included Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining and swage lining with high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. After evaluation, the HDPE lining was selected and designed.


Multi-Year Sanitary Sewer Replacement & Rehabilitation

Engineering and Design Services

City of Cypress

Cypress, CA

Since 2008, LEE & RO has been providing design, bidding, and construction phase engineering services for city-wide rehabilitation and replacement of various sanitary collection sewers, sizes ranging from 8- to 18-inch dia. collection and truck sewers.  LEE & RO reviewed CCTV records and performed a condition assessment to determine appropriate rehabilitation methods and/or replacements. LEE & RO has completed seven groups of projects, each with a construction cost ranging from $750,000 to $1.5 million (total aggregate construction cost $12 million).  Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation and open-cut replacement construction were mostly used.  LEE & RO was responsible for coordinating flow diversions from the City sewers to the Orange County Sanitation District’s interceptor sewers.


54-inch Castaic Conduit Bypass Potable Water Pipeline

Castaic Lake Water Agency

Santa Clarita, CA

The Agency’s two water treatment plants, Earl Schmidt and Rio Vista Water Treatment Plants are connected through 54-inch transmission mains.  A 7,565 LF portion of the main, known as the Castaic Conduit, is only 39-inches in diameter. This reach of pipeline has reduced system water pressure and this $11.5 million project is to correct the problem.  The project included an alignment analysis and design for a new 11,000 LF, 54-inch dia. main.  Key issues included determining an appropriate connection point at Newhall Ranch Road and designing a San Francisquito Creek crossing that met with regulatory approval by LA County Flood Control District.  The project included a scour analysis of the creek and shutdown time for the two pipeline connection points and design of two large underground isolation valve vaults.


Recycled Water Project Phase II B Package 4 Pipelines in City of Industry

Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

San Gabriel Valley, CA

LEE & RO provided a preliminary design report, detailed design, and construction support services for 24,000 LF of 4-inch thru 12-inch diameter recycled water distribution pipelines and a new pump station for the Shadow Oaks Park.  The design for this $2.3 million project required hydraulic modeling under different service scenarios and extensive coordination with water utilities - Suburban Water Systems and the City of West Covina 


North City Pipeline Corridor / Pipelines

City of San Diego

San Diego, CA

LEE & RO provided planning, design, and construction phase engineering services for a pipeline corridor project, which included 24,400 LF of 36-inch and 48-inch diameter recycled water pipelines, 21,200 LF of 20-inch centrate pipeline, 21,200 LF of 16-inch blended sludge pipeline, and 14,600 LF of 10-inch landfill gas pipelines between the North City Water Reclamation Plant (NCWRP) and Metropolitan Biosolids Center (MBC), which are four miles apart. This $17 million project dealt with extensive alignment studies, tunneling, permitting, environmental mitigation, and land/easement acquisition.  The pipeline corridor traversed two canyons and permits were acquired from Caltrans, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Section 404 permit), San Diego Northern Railroad and North City Transit District, and the U. S.  Department of Fish and Game (stream bed alternation agreement).


30-Inch, 6-Mile Long, Reclaimed Water Transmission Main

Otay Water District

Spring Valley, CA

LEE & RO was responsible for the alignment study, surveying, geotechnical evaluation, environmental and permitting services, right-of-way acquisition, preliminary design, final design and construction support services for a $17 million, 6-mile long, 30-inch diameter recycled water pipeline from the City of San Diego South Bay Water Reclamation Plant (Dairy Mart Road) to the District’s 450-1 Recycled Water Reservoir. The construction employed a wide variety of techniques including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to cross Interstate 805, Otay River, and State Route 905.  This project was awarded “Water Reuse Project of the Year,” “ASCE Outstanding Project of the Year” and “CMAA Project Achievement Award.”

Water Main Condition Assessment & Replacement

California Department of Public Health

Foster City, CA


LEE & RO assessed conditions and designed the replacement of three 24-inch valves and 9 air release valves (ARVs).  The limited one-week shutdown was carefully coordinated with the City and other adjacent cities.  LEE & RO worked with the Calif. Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) to obtain a variance on recent legislation for potable water pipelines that would have required the City to relocate all of the existing underground ARVs to aboveground to avoid potential cross-contamination.  The in-line flow preventers (on each ARV) recommended by LEE & RO was accepted by CDPH and saved the City considerable time and expense with construction and easement acquisition. The $750,000 construction project was successfully completed with only three days of shutdown.


Adeline Interceptor Sewer Relocation Project
East Bay Municipal Water District

Oakland, CA

The 60-inch Adeline Interceptor Sewer runs under the interchange of Freeways 580, 880 and 80 and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks at the eastern terminus of the Oakland Bay Bridge.  LEE & RO designed the realignment of the 60-inch sewer for a Caltrans’ freeway improvement project. Interfering utilities included natural gas pipes, 12 kV underground ducts, the Navy’s water lines servicing Treasure Island, Santa Fe jet fuel pipes, and communication cables. This $4 million project realigned 1,500 LF of the sewer at 20 feet below grade.  Extensive coordination with Caltrans, Union Pacific and various utilities was required.


Borregas Interceptor Sewer
City of Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, CA

LEE & RO assessed conditions of an existing corroded 6,000 LF, 33-inch diameter sewer and designed a replacement with 42-inch diameter VCP.  The design and construction for this $4 million project involved major utilities such as a 36-inch natural gas main, 72-inch storm drain, 36-inch recycled water main, 12-inch and 8-inch potable water mains, 6-inch nitrogen gas supply line, a 12-kV power duct, and numerous lateral connections. The project also included a jack and bore crossing of a light rail line. Significant bypass pumping was required to maintain continuous sewage flows during the tie-in to the complex network of sewers at the Wastewater Treatment Plant’s headworks structure.


Upland Interceptor Sewer
Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Chino, CA 

LEE & RO prepared a preliminary engineering report, designed and provided construction phase services for a $3 million, 7,000 LF relief sewer project consisting of 48-inch, 36-inch, 30-inch, 24-inch and 21-inch diameter VCP sewers and a PVC-lined flow control structure (Parshall Flume). The project included two stormwater channels that required bore and jack crossings - one at Fourth Street and the other at G Street.


Spring Valley Outfall Sewer & Bridge Crossing
County of San Diego

San Diego County, CA

LEE & RO designed and provided construction phase engineering for a $1.5 million, 30-inch diameter sewer outfall project over the Spring Valley Creek with two bridge-mounted and one pier-mounted crossing.  The first section between Manhole 9 and 10 is supported on a 179 foot long suspension bridge and the second and third on piers between Manholes 12 and 14.  The existing bridge and piers serve as the standby outfall.  The scope of work included design of a new bridge foundation, new truss bridge, replacement piping, and a sewage bypassing plan during construction.