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Electrical and

Instrumentation & Controls


Emergency Power Generation / Electrical Reliability Improvements Project

Weymouth Water Treatment Plant

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

The plant-wide power distribution system for the 600 mgd Weymouth Water Treatment Plant constructed in 1940 was configured with 12 kV incoming power stepped down to 2.4 kV and distributed to 13 unit substations.  To support several large capital projects planned, MWD retained LEE & RO to develop a comprehensive “Power Distribution Reliability Study.”  In accordance with the report conclusion, LEE & RO designed: (1) a new Switchgear/Generator Building to house the 4.16 kV switchgear feeding power to the entire plant from the new SCE 66 kV incoming service; (2) two 2,250 kW capacity diesel-driven emergency generators; and (3)  a 4.16 kV power grid distributing power to unit substations throughout the plant.  LEE & RO also provided construction support services for this $21 million construction project.


Colorado River Aqueduct (CRA) Pumping Plant Electrical System Improvements

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

MWD operates five CRA pumping plants (Intake, Gene, Iron Mountain, Eagle Mountain, and Hinds) to transport Colorado River water to Lake Mathews.  Each pumping plant has nine 6.9 kV main pump motors.  This project upgraded the plants by installing 230 kV current limiting reactors to reduce the available fault current at the 6.9 kV switchhouses.  LEE & RO analyzed the behavior of the existing switchhouse bus bar during a fault and determined where to best brace the bus.  Also responsible for design and construction support services.  The 230 kV Disconnect Switch Replacement project included replacement of forty-two 230 kV disconnect switches used to isolate vacuum circuit breakers during system outages, installation of a fiber optic cable for SCADA communication, and installation of ground mats for operator safety.  The total project construction cost was $9.8 million.


Steve Anderson Wastewater Pump Station

Orange County Sanitation District

Fountain Valley, CA

LEE & RO provided planning, engineering and design, and construction support services for the electrical, and instrumentation/SCADA systems supporting the new 60 mgd ESWPS.  The project seeks to balance the flow between Wastewater Treatment Plant 1 and Plant 2 and to provide adequate flow to the 70 mgd Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS) project.  This $30 million pump station is equipped with six 10 mgd Wemco Hidrostal pumps driven by 200 hp motors through variable frequency drives.  The 12 kV power is fed from the Central Generation System to the pump station through Power Building 3.


Wastewater Pump Station 2 (PS2)

Electrical Power System Reliability Upgrades

City of San Diego

San Diego, CA

PS2 rated at 432 mgd capacity conveys the wastewater generated from the San Diego area to the Point Loma Treatment Plant.  PS2 has 8 pumps: 6 driven by 2,250 HP motors and 2 by 2,400 HP natural gas engines.  Although PS2 has multiple feeds from SDG&E, PS2 does not meet the EPA Class I Reliability requirements.  LEE & RO designed a $38 million improvements project which will replace two engine drives with 2,250 HP motors drives and VFDs; install two 3,000 kW natural gas engine driven generators, which will be available to pumps at all times for force main surge protection; and install two 4,000 kW diesel engine emergency generators.  The project also includes an 8,000 sq. ft. and 45 ft. high building to house the generators, electrical switchgear and other electrical and control systems.  The project includes extensive modification to SDG&E power feed and 4.16 kV distribution systems.  New generators and pump sequencing controls will be configured to prevent surge and meet the Class I reliability criteria.


Hyperion Secondary Effluent Pump Station (HSEPS)

West Basin Municipal Water District (WBMWD)

Carson, CA

H SEPS conveys secondary effluent from the City of Los Angeles Hyperion Treatment Plant (HTP) to WBMWD’s Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility (ECLWRF).  HSEPS is currently equipped with four vertical turbine pumps: two 21 mgd pumps with an 800 HP motor driven through VFD and two 15 mgd pumps with 500 HP constant speed motors.  The firm station capacity is 51 MGD with one 21 mgd pump out of service.  This project is to provide a firm capacity of 83 mgd with addition of three new 800 HP pumps with VFDs (3rd pump in the future).  This $14.7 million project includes a 3,000 kW emergency generator with 4.16 kV switchgear, motor control centers, and distribution system.  Extensive electrical and control system rework is included to tie to the existing pump station and LADWP power feeds.  The project also includes wet tapping of 60-inch suction pipe to the pressurized HTP’s Secondary Effluent Channel and connection of new 48-inch pump discharge header to the existing 60-inch pressure main in Vista Del Mar, a busy highway.  The design dealt with deep vertical structures in a tight space  and mitigation of construction impact on the operation of HTP and ECLWRF.


Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Program (OLDMP)

Electrical Distribution and Control Systems

Department of Water and Power, City of Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, CA

Under a multi-phase OLDMP, LADWP is implementing $300 million in environmental restoration program projects.  LEE & RO has provided electrical, control systems, and instrumentation system engineering, design, and construction support services for a wide variety of dust control and mitigation projects.  The facilities include dozens of control valve facilities, water pump stations, water treatment and distribution  systems, chemical storage and handling facilities, heat tracing, insulation, cathodic protection, transformers, many miles of 4.8 kV and 480 V power distribution system & cables, radio telemetry stations, SCADA systems, and moat and row conversion to shallow flooding to comply with regulatory requirements.  The design included single line diagrams, panel schedules, site plans/turnouts, wiring plans and details, pipe heat tracing, control diagrams, and electrical details.


Rabello and Northside Wastewater Pump Stations

Emergency Generator Projects

City of Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA

LEE & RO provided analysis, design and construction support services for replacement of emergency generators at the 23.5 mgd Rabello and 18.9 mgd Northside Pump Stations.  For Rabello Station 600kW generator along with 800A capacity NEMA 1 automatic transfer switch and 300 kW load bank were installed.  For Northside Station 300kW generator along with 600A capacity NEMA 3R automatic transfer switch and 150 kW load bank were installed.  Design included integration of the generator/ATS into the existing electrical and PLC/SCADA systems and 72-hour fuel storage.  Procured Bay Area AQMD and other construction permits as well as designed civil site improvements necessary to fit the large fuel storage tanks within the site.  Total construction cost was $1.4 milion.


Pacheco Pumping Plant (PPP) Upgrade and Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) Replacement

Santa Clara Valley Water District

San Jose, CA

LEE & RO provided study, design and construction support services for a $14 million electrical & mechanical system improvement project for the 350 CFS capacity PPP.  PPP has twelve (12) main pumps with wound rotor motors rated for 2,000HP each.  The existing motor starters/controls are 1970s technology - Toshiba Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs). The project included replacement of 4,160 volt ASDs with new variable frequency drives (VFDs), testing of the 2,000 hp motor drives per NETA and IEEE requirements, structurally retrofitting the pump gallery to accommodate VFDs, installation of a new flowmeter and RTU and SCADA connections for each of the 12 pump discharge lines, replacing HVAC and chillers, and optimization of pump controls.


Sand Canyon Pumps Station (SCPS) Standby Power Generation Facility

Castaic Lake Water Agency (CLWA)

Santa Clarita, CA

LEE & RO provided system analysis, engineering, design and construction support services for a $4.5 million 1,750 kW standby power generation system project.  SCPS, built in 2006 and equipped with six 900 HP vertical turbine pumps; does not have standby power.  LEE & RO evaluated replacement of the three motor drives with natural gas engines and a new a standby generation facility.  The project constructed included a new generation facility with two new 1,750 kW diesel-fueled generators, a 72-hour fuel storage,  a new building to house the generators, electrical switchgear, and automatic transfer switch.  The unique design features include the use of the product water for engine cooling in conformance with NSF 61. Project challenges included obtaining the SCAQMD permit due to the facility’s proximity to a K-12 school. 


West Coast Basin Barrier Telemetry Upgrading Project

Department of Public Works

Los Angeles County

Alhambra, CA

LEE & RO performed field condition assessments, prepared design documents, and provided construction support services for a $1.3 million telemetry system upgrading project.  The County operates three barrier projects: the West Coast Basin Barrier (WCBB), the Alamitos Barrier, and the Dominguez Gap Barrier. WCBB has 153 injection wells (located in 42 separate sites) and a total capacity of 30 cfs.  WCBB receives water from the Metropolitan Water District and West Basin Municipal Water District.  The WCBB telemetry system collects monitoring data (flow, level, pressure, chlorides, etc.) from the 153 injection wells and transmits the data to the central monitoring stations.  This project included 42 Remote I/O Drops, PLCs, a Siemens Profinet data management system and a signal transmission system. 


Electrical and Instrumentation & Control Systems For Solids Handling Facilities at Weymouth & Diemer Water Treatment Plants

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

LEE & RO provided engineering, design and construction support services for the electrical, instrumentation and controls systems for the new sludge thickening, dewatering, and trucking facilities at two large water treatment plants. Construction costs were $14 million for the Weymouth and $16 million for the Diemer Plant.  Project components included new SCE feeds, 4.16 KV and 480 V power distribution systems, switchgear and motor control centers, lighting, process controls, fire alarms, and communication systems.


Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS)

Orange County Water District

Fountain Valley, CA

LEE & RO provided electrical engineering, design and construction support services for the microfiltration (MF), chemical systems, and reverse osmosis (RO) transfer pump station that were parts of the $400 million, 70 mgd GWRS project.  The GWRS project components include MF/RO and UV disinfection, and pumping.  The electrical system LEE & RO designed included a new SCE feed, 4.16 kV switchgear, 4.16 kV and 480 V motor control centers and power distribution systems, lighting and controls. The RO transfer pump station is equipped with five 4.16 kV, 600 hp pumps driven through Allen Bradley variable frequency drives. 

Rehabilitation of Anaerobic Digesters, Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 1

Orange County Sanitation District

Fountain Valley, CA


LEE & RO provided electrical condition assessment, reliability analysis, design and construction support services for the electrical and instrumentation & control systems improvements to 12 large anaerobic digesters and four digester control buildings at 150 mgd capacity Plant No. 1.  Plant No. 1 was recently converted to full secondary and the District needs to process additional secondary sludge and improve efficiency of sludge digestion without building new digesters.    The project included Power Building 5, 12 kV switchgear modifications, addition of four new 2,500 kVA transformers, four double-ended 480v MCCs with two automatic transfer bus switching systems for additional reliability, and power, lighting, motor controls & instrumentation, as well as SCADA system upgrading for the 12 digesters. 


Water and Sewer Facilities Electrical System Assessment
and Well Facility Backup Power Project 

City of Ontario

Ontario, CA

LEE & RO performed condition assessment of 24 groundwater production wells, 5 booster pump stations, and 3 sewer lift stations.  Also provided arc flash analysis performed ETAP modeling for fault analysis, and coordination studies for each site. LEE & RO completed a Backup Power Evaluation & Assessment report for 18 wells and three booster pump stations.  In accordance with the study recommendations, LEE & RO prepared the construction documents for the backup power systems for Well No. 37, 38, 39 and 47.  The project included a 1,280 KW mobile generator and modifications to the well sites to enable generator hook ups.  LEE & RO also provided construction management services including submittal reviews, construction inspection, resident engineering, and start-up & commissioning of this $7 million project.

J. B.  Latham Wastewater Treatment Plant Electrical System Upgrades South Orange County Wastewater Authority

Dana Point, CA


LEE & RO provided system analysis, final design and construction support services for a $5 million electrical system upgrading project at a 13 mgd wastewater treatment plant.  A new switchgear was constructed at the NE corner of the treatment plant, adjacent to Secondary Clarifier No. 13.  To facilitate the new switchgear, an existing building was demolished.  Work required close coordination with Sempra Utilities for new electrical service and transformer. The new switchgear will supply power directly to three existing MCC-L, MCC-1, and MCC-2; three new MCCs to replace existing MCC-J, EMCC-J, and MCC-K; and a new MCC-N.  New duct banks, conduits, and electrical feeders were constructed between the new switchboard and the Plant No. 2 aeration blowers for the new MCC-J, EMCC-J, MCC-K, and MCC-N.  For MCC-L, MCC-1 and MCC-2, new duct banks and conduits were constructed between the new switchboards.

Chapman Well Electrical Facilities Upgrades
City of Pasadena Water & Power Department

Pasadena, CA


LEE & RO provided engineering design, construction phase engineering, and construction inspection services for a well facility upgrades project. The well facility was originally constructed in 1967.  A new climate controlled building was constructed to house a new 480V switchboard and MCC sections. Existing 350 HP well pump motor and controls were replaced along with a new 500 kVA transformer. The City now has the ability to run the pump across the line or through reduced voltage soft start (RVSS). Other features included relocation of the existing PLC and telemetry equipment, an emergency generator power connection, chlorine feed monitoring, and surge tank control feedback and control.