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Design-Build (D-B)

Electro-Dialysis Reversal (EDR) Demineralization Facility Expansion

North City Water Reclamation Plant

City of San Diego

San Diego, CA


The City of San Diego produces 5.5 mgd of 300 mg/l TDS water utilizing General Electric’ EDR units and produces up to 12 mgd of recycled water by blending.  LEE & RO served as the design engineer for new EDR units and other facilities to house the future Advance Water Treatment pilot plant.  The new EDRs required expansion of the existing infrastructure including piping & valves, electrical & controls, and structures.  The $2.5 million project also included  new vertical turbine feed pumps with VFDs, new electrical building, new duct banks, and power feeders.


El Monte Pipeline Valve Replacement Project

City of San Diego 

San Diego, CA

LEE & RO served as the design engineer for the $300,000 D-B project to replace an existing non-operable 30-inch Anderson cone valve on the 48-inch diameter El Monte pipeline that transfers raw water from El Capitan reservoir to Alvarado Water Treatment Plant.  The project included coordination with AT&T and SDG&E, installation of a new automated 30-inch plug valve, a structural H-20 vault lid, electrical duct bank, power panel, remote control, access improvements, and a sump pump.


Rehabilitation of Primary Sedimentation Basins and replacement of Sludge and Scum Collectors

Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant (PLWTP)

City of San Diego

San Diego, CA

LEE & RO served as the design engineer of record responsible for engineering, design and construction support services for a $7 million D-B project to rehabilitate 12 primary sedimentation basins at the 240 mgd PLWTP.  The 12 basins were constructed under five separate contracts from 1962 through 1996.  As a result, there are substantial differences in the sludge/scum collectors, such as differences in shaft diameters, drive motors, sprockets, and installation layout. This project replaces a total of 36 longitudinal and 12 cross collectors with new standardized units.  The project also includes detailed inspection of each drained basin, repair of damaged concrete and/or coatings and linings, modification of scum spray actuators, and installation of a new 8-inch diameter water main connected to the plant’s industrial water system.


Wastewater Treatment Plant

Phillips Research Laboratory

Ewards Air Force Base,CA

LEE & RO was the D-B contractor for design and construction of a new $2.3 million, 120,000 gallons/day capacity wastewater treatment plant treating domestic & industrial wastewater generated from the Phillips Research Laboratory and Support Facilities located at Edwards Air Force Base in accordance with the NPDES Permit issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Lahontan Region.  The D-B contract was issued by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.  The wastewater plant processes included screenings removal, activated sludge, continuous backwash filtration, influent and effluent piping, and effluent percolation.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant


Mexicali, Mexico

LEE & RO was the D-B contractor for design and construction of a new $4.5 million, 5,000 cubic meters/day (1.32 mgd) industrial waste treatment plant for the Domex Electronics Complex in Mexicali, Baja, Mexico.  Domex produced electronic parts and CRTs for the computer and TV industries.  The treatment processes included flow equalization with process air blowers, influent pumping, chemical coagulation/flocculation, sedimentation, lime assisted sludge dewatering by filter presses, effluent pumping, sulfuric acid tank farms, a lime silo, and electrical and process control systems.  The total contract time for design, construction, and commissioning was 15 months and LEE & RO successfully completed the construction using local labor forces.


Underground Storage Tank Replacement Project

Department of Public Works

Los Angeles County, CA

LEE & RO was the D-B contractor for design and construction of a $1.2 million UST replacement project totaling 22 USTs at 15 separate County courts and hospitals.  LEE & RO was also responsible for obtaining regulatory approvals and building permits from the South Coast AQMD, LA County Fire Department, LA County Environmental Protection Division, and LA County and City Building and Safety Plan Checks.  


Underground Storage Tank (UST)

Replacement and Environmental Remediation projects 

U.S. Air Force Bases

LEE & RO was the D-B contractor for a $5.5 million UST removal and/or replacement and environmental remediation project at Luke Air Force Base (AFB), AZ, Travis AFB, CA, Edwards AFB, CA, and Vandenberg AFB, CA under a contract from the U.S. Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE), San Antonio, TX.