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Copper Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant

Phase I Expansion
Calaveras County Water District

 San Andreas, CA

LEE & RO provided engineering and construction support services for expansion of the existing 0.25 mgd plant to a 0.50 mgd with an ultimate 1 mgd capacity with a peaking factor of 4.  The $1.6 million expansion project consisted of replacement of existing surface aerators in treatment pond 1, pond 2, and finishing pond 3 with 11 new 15 HP aerators.  New headworks, including influent pump station with three grinder pumps, bypass metering structure, and screening facility were also installed.  Other new facilities constructed included pond inlet & outlet structures, effluent pipeline, metering structure, chlorination structure, an electrical building, and an emergency generator.  All facilities improvements were designed for the ultimate plant capacity of 1.0 mgd utilizing Biolac secondary treatment.