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Chemical Tank Farms and Chemical Injection Systems at

Diemer, Skinner and Weymouth Water Treatment Plants

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

LEE & RO provided engineering, design, and construction phase engineering services for three large chemical tank farm and chemical injection system projects supporting the Skinner, Weymouth and Diemer Oxidation Retrofit Program (ORP) projects.  The ORP projects remove THM forming compounds via ozonation. The major ORP project components are liquid oxygen storage, ozone generators, ozone contactors, spent ozone destruction system, and chemical systems.  The projects included storage tanks and tank farms, leak containment structures and drainage, metering pumps and piping, controls & SCADA, and electrical systems for caustic, sulfuric acid, aqueous ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, alum, ferric chloride, and polymers. The construction cost for the tank farm at each plant is approximately $8 million.