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LEE & RO provided engineering, design, and construction phase engineering services for three large bulk chlorine storage and feeding facilities at the Skinner, Jensen and Mills Water Treatment Plants.  The total construction cost for the three facilities was $57 million.  Liquid chlorine is delivered in either 90-ton railcars (at Jensen) or 19-ton cargo trailers (at Skinner and Mills).  The project included new bulk chlorine storage building (divided into storage bays housing railcars or cargo trailers and new equipment rooms for evaporators, chlorinators, and electrical), leak detection, emergency ventilation and chlorine scrubber, chlorine ejectors, and water piping.  Each facility required careful sequencing of construction including temporary facilities to maintain the existing plant in operation.  The Jensen facility included considerable rail yard improvements including new tracks, switches and turnouts.  LEE & RO provided technical support during the startup and commissioning phase.


Bulk Chlorine Containment and Injection Facilities at

Skinner, Jensen and Mills Water Treatment Plants

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA