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Anaerobic Digester Rehabilitation Projects

 Wastewater Treatment Plants Nos. 1 and 2

 Orange County Sanitation District

 Fountain Valley, CA

LEE & RO prepared a preliminary design report, plans and specifications, and provided engineering services during construction for an $11 million digester improvements project for the 200 mgd Treatment Plant No. 2.  Plant No. 2 has 20 digesters and this project rehabilitated 7 digesters and 4 digester control buildings.  Project elements included electrical & control system upgrading and automation, addition of sludge flow meters and control valves, sludge and digester gas piping, and structural rehabilitation.  For 150 mgd capacity Plant 1, provided engineering, design, and construction phase services for electrical & control systems portions of a $45 million digester improvement project. The Plant 1 project rehabilitated all 12 digesters to process additional solids from the newly constructed full secondary treatment facilities.